Monday, November 12, 2012

Shoestopper #61

Ah. I dont need to rant on my loss of quite a few red shoes over the years. And I am very picky when it comes to the right shade of red...

So while I am still mourning, I came across this pair in Wittner's last year.

Dont they just remind you of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz? SQUEALS! so pretty. When I saw them in the windows, I took a U-turn and went into the store. I tried them on and fell in love even more.

And then I flipped it over... saw the soles... and...

SQUEALS!!!!!!! Even more delightful! OMG. Coolest soles ever. Silver glittery and just diva-esque.

I had to have it. I sure wasnt going to let another pair of red shoes outta my sight u know?

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so what if it costs a pretty penny? so what if the likelihood of me wearing it out is very very slim?

I just want to be a very happy and proud owner of her. So I did.

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