Thursday, November 29, 2012

Completely Random

Now after that previous nasty 'review', we do need abit of desserts to cheer us up dont we?

I managed to also catch up with XH during my trip back in October and she brought me to Antoinette at Penhas Road, Lavendar.

I have heard alot about this particular outlet and the exterior did look quite good. The interior with the amazing French Renaissance furniture was like my favourite kind of playground. And the sweets.

I had to try their new cake, Angelique. Hmmm, it was very sweet. too sweet.

XH's - it was not bad. I have had better cake. so nothing to be woah about.

So safe to say my first experience was not really that good food-wise. But i had a wonderful time drinking my favourite earl grey tea and chatting with my girl after months away.

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Looking forward to more tea-time with my girlfriends and even dudes on my next trip back.

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