Monday, December 3, 2012

mayyn meal - Yu Cuisine MBS

It was my first day back after a really long break away from family. and it was a long time since the four of us were back together properly at home. 

Nice to go out for dinner and I had such a deep hankering for chinese food. we ended up at Yu Cuisine restaurant at Marina Bay Sands.

Interesting choice of decor for a chinese restaurant. 

roast duck and roast pork belly. yummy, juicy and quite good.

salted egg prawns for me. but it wasnt the best Ive had. abit bland.

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And the greens and winter melons were quite nicely presented.

we also had a fish which was quite alright.

The food was nothing amazing. it was good, normal. but i have higher expectations at a restaurant situated in one of the fancier places around. Otherwise, I just like having dinner w the family.

May try their dimsum during the weekends one of these days. But other than that, there are better chinese restaurants out there.

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