Tuesday, December 18, 2012

mayyn meal - L'Atelier Joel Robouchon

Hello y'all. Hows the week before Christmas? Ive been shopping alot and of course just feeling abit more relaxed now that I know what 2013 holds for me. 

My little sister had her birthday just before I returned to Perth and while I didn't make such a big fuss for her this time round, she knows I love her and I probably spoil her more than anything in the world. And last year it was a big one anyway so Daddy took us all to Joel Robouchon at RWS in Singapore.

Relive my memories with photos overload...

That's the quiet fine dining side but we decided to go join the more casual side of things.

Still very fancy though!!!

Love the wine cellar, exquisitely presented like floating...

Doesnt this look pretty!

Just something to start us off, amazing amuse boche.

sis' little burgers...

Complimentary birthday cakes and us all singing a song for her.

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

The food was amazing and very nicely presented. The tastes were obviously better than how they looked. I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner that night and it was just sooooo amazing. Obviously prices are on the $$$$$$$$$ side. but its not everyday one turns XX. not sure if she wants me to reveal her age hahahha!

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