Monday, December 3, 2012

mayyn meal - Jin Shan

Ahh, I think during the last weekend of me being back in SG, Dad took us and grandma for one of my favourite places to dimsum.

Another Chinese restaurant in Marina Bay Sands but this time in the hotel building. And I actually like this place.

Fresh ingredients and very supple skin.

Crispy skins... 'nuff said.

Beijing Duck, its been a while. I am not really the biggest fan of it but I do like the idea of rolling it myself with however much cucumber and spring onions I want.

Cute looking eh! But it aint anything to do with carrots. Its a sweet bean paste in it.

Bird's nest egg tart...Crispy but I prefer the one at Feng Shui Inn.

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And of course my favourite dimsum ever. While it doesnt look as fancy as other restaurants, it tastes better than most. The bun is soft and fluffy and slightly milky with a sweet salty perfect filling.

What better way to end the meal. 

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