Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Aristocats

I had bought a new 2TB hard drive and got a good friend to load it up with a bunch of stuff. He was real sweet and shared his Disney movies collection with me. 

So being back here with not much to do, I decided to catch up with my childhood since I really dont remember the exact details of my old favourite movies like the original six Disney Princesses stories. Its nice to watch them all and appreciate the stories better now that I am older after all. =)

Cinderella will always be number one, but I dont quite dislike Snow White that much now. Ariel is really quite spoilt isnt she? Jasmine is quite gorgeous and Aurora is so sweet. And that Belle, one of a kind...

Now that you know I am a girly girl at heart, I fell in love with Marie the littlest Aristocat when i saw her pictures. So white and pink and pretty. She's really the only cat I like. Real or cartoon. But I am not familiar with her story at all!

But of course I am watching the 1970 movie right now. What a cute movie! Duchess has a pretty accent... reminds me of the Green Acres actress. 

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Marie is such a little romantic princess. Haha. My kind of pet. And the story set in Paris! Ahhh the Eiffel Tower and cobblestones and the romance between Duchess and Thomas, little kittens wanting a daddy. Cue the sweet happy sighs.

Its nice to finally be able to say I remember and know these cartoons and their stories eh? I cannot wait to share them with my little baby girl next time... Just like in the second picture. A ladylike baby girl, and two mischievous cheeky baby boys with musical and artistic instincts.

Oh alright, here's hoping to a happy family life for me in the future then. 

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