Monday, December 3, 2012

mayyn meal - Ginza Kuroson

It was quite the food trip that month back home. My meet up with a girlfriend took me to Robertson Quay for dinner. It took us a while to decide as we walked the length of it. Also, because a lot of the places were full house.

Finally decided on Japanese, and one in between two delicious smelling italian restaurants.

Ginza Kuroson.

Private rooms.

The amazing fresh fish and grilling counter

We split the chef choice's sashimi plate. It was fresh and quite yummy.

And the oyster cream risotto was so rich and abit too mushy for me. sounds and looks good. taste-wise, wasn't too awesome for me.

This simple meal costs us around 70 bucks for two pax. splurge much? but yeah, we deserve it.

Ended the night at the wine connection...

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she liked this botryllis semillon from Aussie which had abit of honey infused in it. abit too sweet for me. im not much of a girly drinks kinda girl. ;)

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