Thursday, December 6, 2012

mayyn meal - Paulaner's

Meeting up with Aiky usually entails alot of food. And to celebrate no Monday blues for us both, we decided to head down to Paulaner's at Millenia Walk, Singapore. A German pub, no less.

Sausage platter for us both to start things off. I actually love the potatoes served with it. and the sauce, kind of like curry sauce!

Monday sesh? German beer, a pint each. Well I still prefer my pristine Little Creatures to be honest but fresh cool beer on a hot humid Singapore arvo. All good.

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And of course the piece de resistance, Pig's Trotters. I dont know how we were both going to finish it. For the record, we didnt. We tried really hard. But we couldnt. It was not too bad, For me, I preferred the Asian version. The crackling was abit too tough in my opinion. The meat was sweet and tender though. Nice to try it once of course. Maybe one day, I would have the real thing in Germany ;)

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