Thursday, December 12, 2013

mayyn meal - Etro in King Street Perth

It was a late Sunday start and I was craving for pies terribly. With nothing much opened in Perth on a winter morning, my friend and I headed down to Etro Cafe for a quick bite.

It is in a very good location on King Street and I thought food would be quite alright don't you think?

1. The chicken pot pie took forever to arrive.
2. It looked good and was piping hot.
3. The mash is too chunky and quite bland.
4. The chicken pot pie did NOTHING to satisfy my craving.
5. It was bland and watery.
6. The chicken pieces were few.
7. Hefty price for a lousy meal.
8. Service is also really not that awesome.

I think you can tell I won't be in a hurry to return.

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mayyn meal - Modo Mio Ultimate Lunchtime Treat in November

Speaking of Modo Mio (in my previous post), I had a girls' lunch date with one of colleagues but I really do consider her a friend. She is lovely. Anyway, we decided to take advantage of the November offer they had for 2 course meal and spa/pool voucher for $49.

Fatima ordered the Pumpkin and cheese vegetarian pizza. It was HUGE. Like not even kidding, won't have fed 3 of me. Fatima only managed to have two or three. She usually doesnt even eat much during the day.

It was actually quite good when I tried a piece. I love this kind of gourmet pizza, and really am not fans of those oily pizzas they serve in Little Caesar's or Domino's etc.


I chose the Prawn pasta

It was so GOOD. Like perfectly al dente and perfectly seasoned.

Pasta was so good and of a good size that even though I was so full, I managed to finish it all off.

The trio of sorbet for her, it was all very light and refreshing. I would say the mango one was the best.

And of course, I continued with my Tiramisu obsession whenever I am at an Italian restaurant. Love the biscotti that came with it.

Service is always quite good here and overall, one of my favourite places to dine out in Perth!

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mayyn meal - Catalano's Cafe

I've been to this Italian restaurant once before years ago and this is my second time. I always drive past it and see it packed with people. Loud family chatter kind of place.

We ordered a pasta and the chicken parma. Both were huge portions and we struggled to finish our food. It was good though and I can see why families love heading down there with simple fare done well.

Had a cake to end it off which was a little too sweet.

Overall, no complains but not my first thought to go to if I am craving italian food. It is better than Siena's of course but I rather go to Ciao Italia for my pasta or even, Modo Mio!

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mayyn meal - Harvest Espresso

This cafe hit the food scene in Perth recently and is one of those I am glad I went to check out. In fact, it is also a short drive away from me. Even better!

Don't blink if you are looking for it, you may miss it along Albany Highway in the midst of the other shops.

Freshly baked goods on display always always looks tempting!

Menu changes according to season which is great!

Coffee is also well done here, so good!

I had the poached pears french toast which came with the kind of cream I love so much.

It was fragrant and yummy with the almond hint done perfectly.

Sis had the simple poached eggs and bacon on toast. Love how you can choose what kind of freshly baked bread you want.

On another occasion, I visited to have the Red Rooibos Latte which is amazing and is definitely my favourite drink to have these days. Very few places do it but yeah. it is amazing!

Had the pulled pork roll for lunch and I polished everything off. It was not sweet but somehow still had quite good flavour. I love the slaw that came with it. All in all, healthy lunch for one.

Visited again with their new menu in place for summer. I had the Blue Swimmer crab and broad beans dish. It may look deceptively light and small. But it filled me up for hours. It was done amazingly. I could have had this the next day again,

Fresh produce and good food and coffee, all a cafe really needs. YUM. (may get crowded and since it is such a small place, perhaps avoid busy periods)

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Mini Banana Bread Loaf, worth ordering or even just to take away and have it at home.



The fritters were very light and while it is fresh and quite nice, I find that it pales in comparison to all the others I have had at this amazing cafe.

Completely Random

CAMELS!!!!!! Just outside the footy stadium earlier this year when I was there for an Eagles game. 

How cute!!!!

Can't stop gushing!

He looks so content.

mayyn meal - Desserts in Singapore

I went back earlier this year for my sister's graduation and had a bit of a celebration with that and Mum's belated birthday.

Surprised her with a durian cake from Goodwood Park Hotel. The last weeks of their Durian Festival which is always so good and should not be missed if you live in Singapore.

Their durian creations are amazing and so true to the tastes.

Sis got me my favourite durian puffs, made entirely of the just durian pulp and no cream. The whole thing is bigger than my mouth wide open but the best feeling is to shove it in and sit in silence just chomping it all together. Amazing!

GOODWOOD PARK HOTEL definitely does the best durian creations.

We threw a small dessert party for my sister's graduation and Clara brought us cookies from Cookies for Sid, a new bakery specialising in all kinds of cookie creations. I tried several flavours and found them quite alright, nothing to shout about. In fact, not the best cookies I had either. Probably won't recommend it so highly... but I suppose it does feel homebaked and that's all you want sometimes.

Laurent Bernard Chocolate Cake for sis because well the girl loves chocolate. It was moist and the right touch of chocolatey. For a non-chocolate loving person like me to like it alot, I think it hits alot of the right spots. Worth checking out!

Managed to squeeze in tea-time with Jol but felt bad because I ended up being gone most of the time at my other appointment in the same building. Cedele does one of the better carrot cakes so it was a pleasure. I definitely have a guilty indulgence in Coffee Bean's carrot cake though!

Managed to bring back macarons from TWG Tea Saloon in the airport to Perth. I really always admire the tea infusion flavour they do and macarons are great for my sweet tooth.

Love the kaya and vanilla bourbon creation! SO GOOD.

mayyn meal - The Fabulous Baker Boy in Singapore

Late brunch with Aiky, my dude bff in Singapore earlier this year when I went back for a visit.

The Fabulous Baker Boy was constantly featured on my instagram so I wanted to go give it a try with all the fabulous looking cakes.

That is the classic shot to take. And I could not make up my mind on which cake to get after that. Oh boy.

We shared the big brekkie, TFBB breakfast. I really didn't find it amazing to go sitting in the hot weather for. Because it is not an airconditioned cafe and in the warmth of the fort canning park. Definitely not my favourite kind of setting.

Red Velvet and a cheesecake that was rapidly melting as we took our photos. They tasted alright but I really was not a fan of the whole set-up and outdoor dining with little ventilation.

Food wise, it was alright. A bit quaint to have it where it was, it was not very very inaccessible and the choice of cakes are astonishing. I may return for tea-break if I am in the area but I would not travel out of my way for it.