Friday, December 6, 2013

mayyn meal - Yamato Kaiten Sushi in Claremont

A friend had been raving about her favourite laksa in Perth, so I had to go try it out right? Who knew it would be in a Japanese restaurant served with udon or ramen? Something different...

She ordered the Laksa Udon but changed the prawns to Chicken. It is definitely a better choice with Chicken.

The normal prawn Laksa Ramen for me. I felt the noodles were too soft for me, not very springy like how Ramen noodles should be. The prawns were not exactly fresh either.

The laksa gravy however definitely was good and would satisfy anybody with laksa craving. It has so much more potential than haphazardly thrown together with not so good ingredients like the noodles, prawns, broccoli etc.

Will I return? I doubt it. Even the sushi train looks unappealing.

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