Sunday, December 8, 2013

mayyn meal - Wimbly Lu in Singapore

I know, everyone has been but I haven't. So I decided to round up a couple of cousins to come with me. They weren't too keen but yeah well I am hardly back ;)

Anyway here we go!

the interior is definitely quirky and really cool.

Had the chocolate tart which was reasonable.

and Apple crumble which was...well, would be better warm and with icecream

bringing abit of outdoors inside.

two of the loves of my life. stuck to me forever since we are family but we ended up as good friends too. thats the best!

green tea latte that I hated. it tasted bad. just milk and bad green tea flavouring... and I like milk and greentea.

Tiramisu which was alright. Nothing amazing.

apparently one of the good waffles in Singapore.

It does look very pretty but definitely not that awesome.

Will I return? I doubt it. But I did want to try the root beer cake. We shall see. It is inconvenient without a car too!

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