Sunday, December 8, 2013

mayyn meal - GRUB in Singapore

Having heard alot of this place in Singapore, I decided to organise my cousins gathering/dinner. Then I get there and learnt that we had to wait for quite a while to get a table. I was not the happiest girl around because it is hot and humid in the park.

Bishan Park, cool place to have a cafe.

the menu was quite standard for an Asian country doing Western fare.

And then when we made our order, SO MANY ITEMS WERE NOT AVAILABLE! or changed. THEN CHANGE YOUR BLOODY MENU. JEEZ.

Doubly unhappy by now.

This truffle egg cocette WAS TERRIBLE. so bland and watery.

The bun is good but come on, I can fry anything and make it good.

Fish was okay, the usual crumbed kind which isn't that awesome.

Pork belly was abit too salty and just alright.

The food was not awesome we weren't even gonna stay for dessert. 
Definitely WILL NOT be returning.
Poor service and food quality. MEH.

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