Thursday, December 12, 2013

mayyn meal - Mama Tran in Perth CBD

Decided to drive into the city for lunch with Jodie, and she picked the very popular Mama Tran. It was packed with people but the queue went along very fast, order did not take long to arrive at our table either.

I could not decide what to eat with so many choices, but decided on the crispy prawn and pork rice noodles. It was very yummy. Definitely one of my fave Vietnamese restaurants around in Perth now.

Sadly, it only operates on weekdays and only during office hours mostly.

Having to travel into the city for it will be worth it but I really do wish I work in the city so it is so much easier for me to grab lunch there! Just blogging about it now... I want to go grab a roll or something now!

For sure, worth battling the traffic and crowd for.

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