Sunday, December 8, 2013

mayyn meal - Creamier in Singapore

So a good friend declared this place the best waffles in town, I rounded up the gang and headed down there for it after a poor dinner. We got to Toa Payoh and was greeted by a very crowded cafe!

A long queue out the door and nowhere to sit. Then we heard that the waffle machine is down and we won't be getting waffles. Nearly left until of course a pleading look helped us score the last two plates of waffles for the night. Even if we had to wait for awhile. More than a while...

I love unique combinations so i chose the earl grey and some orange grand marnier icecream scoops which were not well-received by the others. I did like the initial tastes and the icecream texture.

However, the waffles were really not that awesome. It is bland and just not buttery enough.
I really didn't think it was any good.

I would return for icecream and like that it is open till late.
I will not return and queue and wait that long for those waffles.

Also, it is a great neighbourhood place and great for those living around there. But definitely not travelling down there even for icecream unless well, I had a car or with friends driving.

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