Thursday, December 12, 2013

mayyn meal - The Fabulous Baker Boy in Singapore

Late brunch with Aiky, my dude bff in Singapore earlier this year when I went back for a visit.

The Fabulous Baker Boy was constantly featured on my instagram so I wanted to go give it a try with all the fabulous looking cakes.

That is the classic shot to take. And I could not make up my mind on which cake to get after that. Oh boy.

We shared the big brekkie, TFBB breakfast. I really didn't find it amazing to go sitting in the hot weather for. Because it is not an airconditioned cafe and in the warmth of the fort canning park. Definitely not my favourite kind of setting.

Red Velvet and a cheesecake that was rapidly melting as we took our photos. They tasted alright but I really was not a fan of the whole set-up and outdoor dining with little ventilation.

Food wise, it was alright. A bit quaint to have it where it was, it was not very very inaccessible and the choice of cakes are astonishing. I may return for tea-break if I am in the area but I would not travel out of my way for it.

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