Friday, December 6, 2013

mayyn meal - Ootong + Lincoln

Been dying to check out this place and finally had the chance to do so on a super gorgeous Sunday.

The drive was worth it and to be greeted by this mural definitely brightens up my day =)

A very big cafe and the eclectic mix of decor is breathtaking but yet uniquely Perth.

looks good huh?

Even has a quick coffee corner if thats all you wanted.

My favourite corner

Even she's fascinated...

Coffee was quite good and done well.

The food - pancakes were quite fluffy and yummy. I love how it feels organic and healthy and still yummy.


Potato cake was quite good. The whole thing felt healthy.

I think I was more taken in with the decor than the food to be honest.

However, I would return because I like the simplicity and healthiness of the food options.

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