Monday, December 9, 2013

Mayy's Closet - Black Milk Clothing Sharkiecon Jersey

This is one of those times I am thankful for being short. I can pull off a basketball jersey as a dress!!!

Managed to snag this limited edition jersey due to my sister's epic ninja skills and totally kaypoh-ness.

Meant for Vegas sharkiecon this year.

Give me nylon or give me death - indeed, since I found BM in my life, this is true.

Paired it with little hearts hoisery from Dotti. It is epic cute!

Wore it with my new sneakers, it is my comfy look!

Paired with a glitter black kimono to keep somewhat warm in the cool spring night.

Little sharks wearing BM swimming in the 2

So yah, my narcissistic self in the gym at the late hours taking selfies. Such is a sharkie kind of life!

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