Monday, December 9, 2013

mayyn meal - The Prophet Lebanese Cafe

So apparently this place required advanced reservations and they hardly do walk-ins for dinner.

When I arrived, the place looked warm and inviting and packed. It is not a big restaurant but the family chatter etc just contributed to a good vibe. Even if they did double-book my reservation.

Anyhow we managed to have our table and ordered a salad to start. It was light and refreshing.

I don't eat Middle-eastern cuisine often so it was just something different for me.

Shared the Chicken and Rice which was delicious. The lamb kebab and rice and lentils are not my favourite thing but the lamb was yummy.

Overall a healthy meal and good for two people. Big portions and not overpriced. I will return to try more food but probably organise to have more people come with.

The menu and items may sound deceptively simple but it is anything but. Yummy.

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