Monday, December 9, 2013

2 Spa and Pool days at Isika and Crown Metropol

Loved the Ultimate Lunchtime Treat Crown Perth did for weekday lunch during the month of November. I went twice and had 2 spa vouchers and pool passes to use on the last week.

I really enjoyed having this privilege and I needed massages for the longest time coming.

Located at the basement of Crown Metropol hotel. The calming effect sets in immediately when you approach the front desk.

Inside the change rooms...

Indoor pool

Steam rooms and shower rooms.

You are allowed the use of this relaxation lounge before and after your treatment.


The tea is very yummy and the warm colour palette and music really soothes your soul.

I definitely spent quite some time after my massages on both days in here just chilling out.

The hallway

Massage rooms were big and spacious with their own shower rooms equipped inside too. Amazing. I really felt transported. My body is definitely much better now after both days.

After relaxing so much, the pool calls.

My Tuesday afternoon was bright and sunny.

I did some readings and had a big bowl of wedges and a cocktail.

What a sinful indulgence that I needed.

Managed to steal the last slide of the day. Even if this is only for kids below the age of four.

Private Cabanas were all only available for rent and at a steep price.

I just felt like they should be opened up to the hotel guests.

The pool is actually amazing! I loved it.

Just laying out on one of those deck chairs in the shallow pool.


My Friday morning/afternoon was slightly more chilled out as it rained after my massage. I decided to continue with my readings and have lunch at the Poolside Bar and Grill with another cocktail.

Food menu actually does reflect summer so well and even if the standard isnt that awesome. One could forgive it because well all you really want at the poolside is fried food and all that nibbly stuff anyway.

Beautiful eh?

I spent it indoors on my second outing with the jacuzzi too. Abit sad it wasnt sunny but I am glad I had two relaxing days. December is proving to be one busy busy month.

Really wished I had access to this place more often, even if the food and drinks are abit expensive.

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