Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mayy's Closet - Rotten Elf Legs

One of my earlier dream pieces from Black Milk Clothing is the Rotten Elf legs. One thing I love (maybe hate if it's near impossible to find it) is the limited clothing. Some more limited than others. The exclusivity plays very well for ladies and their constant fashion competitiveness.

Anyway, this pair of legs was released before me finding out about BM so to track it down took a wee bit of time. No regrets because it is truly pretty and so comfortable!

See what I mean, pretty understated colours!

I am a bit short so always bunching around the ankles or having to fold in excess fabric.

Paired it with a Zara special collaboration top and colour-block 6inch heels from Novo.

Yes insane height but so comfy!

I have crappy selfie mirrors at home so I always head down to the gym and camwhore there. 

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