Friday, December 6, 2013

mayyn meal - The Belasyse on Shafto Lane

It had been a crazy Friday and hazy Saturday...therefore, we are taking it slow on Sunday. A late lunch brought us into the city and since Perth doesn't have many places opened in the city for food at late 2pm, it was a gem to find The Belasyse open for service!

Loving the bright decor and the quirky touches put together with all the different furniture.


Loving that case and the fountain we get to sit out and eat around

Got served the addictive fried chickpeas on the house to start which I could NOT stop eating.

Jodie had the Reuben sandwich - corned beef. It was very good according to her!

Meanwhile,  I went for the pulled pork and slaw sandwich. I love the slaw, the bread was quite difficult to eat out of so I gave up and the pulled pork is okay but not my favourite one. I love the handcut chips and tomato salsa with it.

Overall an okay meal to take the edge of the previous night off. I am just really pleased to have something open in the city on Sunday and serves decent feed.

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