Friday, January 4, 2013

Flea at *Scape 5th Jan 2013

First flea of 2013 and first flea representing this blog and the facebook shop tomorrow in Singapore's scape in Orchard. Just came back from Korea, visited Seoul and Busan - discovered alot of great little shops and streets. Vintage finds were just the icing on the cake this trip. So decided to not be selfish and share the love sis and I found. Pulling together all the finds from Bangkok and Korea, we have enough to put together a little store. Come down and check the amazing stuff out! We just spent today morning preparing clothes tags for the items. Green, purple and red seemed to be the theme choice colours for our tags which tells you where we got the items from and when. Wow, I just realised we really do get around. Looking back, travel in 2012 was quite extensive.

Hope to see y'all tomorrow at 1pm! Who knows, if you are our first few buyers there will be free Krispy Kremes too =) I am not joking when I said I just got back from Korea. Less than 24 hours ago for sure, so those donuts sure are fresh!

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