Tuesday, January 29, 2013

mayyn meal - Wine Company @ Evans Road

This establishment is currently under renovation. Wine Company has a couple of other outlets but my favourite one remains to be Evans Road Lodge. It was nice and warm and friendly kind of ambience. With inside and outside seatings, the place caters to both families and friends kind of setting.

I used to love their Tandoori chicken spaghetti but that was so long ago. They have since changed up the menu and the wine selection remains extensive and pretty good.

So on a more recent (aka last year) meal there with the family, we had the following...

Braised pork belly. comfort local food.

The prawn cappellini never fails to satisfy.

The place serves both local favourites and western food. Or in some cases, local-western fusion. A meal there is always satisfying. Or even a catch-up with friends over wine, where I find this place quite ideal. Except of course, you would need a car to get there for the most convenient mode.

My sis even held her 21st birthday dinner party in a separate area in front of the bar. I really had an easier time and smoother organisation of the party with the help of their friendly and helpful staff. So I really am impressed.

Can't wait till the renovation is complete and I can go visit again.

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