Monday, January 21, 2013

Time for a Shoestopper!

You know how most people living in London owns a pair of wellies to keep their feet dry when it rains? Well I hate wet feet but in Singapore, people would have looked at me funny if I wore wellies!

So I was presented with my favourite solution in October! A pair of lightweight cork-wedge orange/nude platforms. 

My cousin Celest or Miao as we call her gave me this pair (methinks from her Korea trip). We have the same sized feet so that makes shopping for me alot easier I guess! And alot easier for me to trade her shoes. HAHAHA!

While the design and colour are probably something I would not have picked out for myself, it did work out well because I like that it is waterproof and light to go shopping or a casual brunch/dinner with girlfriends.

Definitely a spongey kind of sole so no sore feet!

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