Tuesday, January 29, 2013

mayyn meal - Hide Yamamoto

I have blogged about Hide Yamamoto's robatayaki experience before and this time it was a short affair with sis and dad before watching Jersey Boys on a rainy Saturday afternoon at the Marine Bay Sands theatre.

Dad wanted soupy noodles, so he ordered the Champon Ramen. The soup/gravy was so amazing and yummy. Chocked full of flavour and seafood. Ramen noodles wont exactly the ones we usually get such as in Ippudo etc, more like a udon x ramen cross. It wasn't half bad.

Sis and I split the decorative rolls which was pretty yummy and fresh. A good sushi but I still liked the ones from Yamagawa better. 

Otherwise, the simplest lunch ever and one of the best yet because it was rare that we had a trio meal with Dad instead of Mum. Its these little things that count...

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