Tuesday, January 29, 2013

mayyn meal - Oriole

Meeting in Orchard is always so difficult because most of the places are stock standard plus I have been to them too often that I get bored. However, decided to meet Aiky for dinner at Oriole at 313 Somerset out of the options I was given by him.

I like the big space and the convenience of its location!

So we shared 2 entrees and 1 main. Portobello salad was very refreshing and healthy. Good mushroom with its juices retained and pine nuts add such an addictive touch.

The not so healthy fried calamari was so spicy and so good. I missed it so much since I have been away from Perth. definitely countered the healthy salad though.

The Jamaican Jerk Chicken was a resounding success with us both. The chicken was so tender and juicy and the spices were amazing. Best of it was the corn salad that went with it. I could eat that all the time and on its own. YUMS.

And of course why go to Oriole if you are not having coffee. 
One of the best coffees in Singapore, its a must try. 

I had this Orange inspired coffee which was one of their competition entries. So darn good. Just thinking about it right now makes me want to fly home for one...

By the way they do brunch on Sundays 10am to 3pm and I heard its good. I must go and try it soon!

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