Tuesday, January 29, 2013

mayyn meal - The Marmalade Pantry at The Stables

Again, last summer. Yes I procrastinated on this blog alot during 2012. But I am doing my best to keep up. Because in this first month of 2013, I cafe-hopped in Singapore so much and have quite abit to tell you about!

Anyway, had dinner with a friend one weekday night after a bit of shopping in the day. Decided to try out their new outlet because I have been a fan of the Marmalade Pantry ever since Palais Renaissance's outlet. Its a pity the ION one can get quite noisy.

This outlet at the Bukit Timah stables is unfortunately only really accessible by car... Because I really liked the ambience and would have liked to have my escapes there if I had a choice.

It was quiet and light and just so peaceful. I missed that.

Splurged a little and shared a Chianti red that night. No other wine region like that in Tuscany, Italy. I visited the area too and I have to say my heart is wholly captured by its beauty.

Food was yummy that night but perhaps it was the good company. Anyway, Marmalade Pantry never fails to impress or at least serve up a good fare with no complains. Prices were pretty standard and expected. Because well, maybe I knew I was going to splurge or spend a bit more and willing to do so. 

Anyway, if you are up for a quiet 'retreat' with a good friend for a long catch-up or for couples, this place is pretty perfect...


I had ended my night at the nearby Udders with alcohol-infused ice cream and waffles...

In a bit of a subdued mood now that I had blogged about this, perhaps it is time to revisit this outlet. Goodness knows I have certainly spent enough time at the ION one.

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