Wednesday, January 23, 2013

mayyn meal - Lau Pa Sat Taiwan Porridge

One of my ultimate favourite comfort food stalls of all time, located at the Kallang Airport food centre. All the way at the end, far from the hustle and bustle and popular stores. It is not really from Lau Pa Sat, just its name but the old auntie and uncle couple just serves up amazing yummy old-style porridge and dishes that goes well with it. 

My photos are not awesome as I used my old blackberry. Ahhh well, all I wanted to do was dig in anyway!

The Fu-yong Egg is such a completely pleasant surprise. A yummy mess that I can have everyday.

The He-Zu (the fermented beancurd cubes in chilli oil) veggies.

The lightly fried pomfret fish in dark bean sauce.

And also the Hong-shao tofu.

Food here is simple and yummy and definitely found nowhere else. Uncle cooks with his own style. Perfect on a cold rainy night or when I want some yummy comfort food with my loved ones.

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