Wednesday, January 23, 2013

mayyn meal - Antoinette Palais Renaissance

Haven't seen Marsha forever and to finally meet up with her, it was a day to be celebrated... We headed to the new Antoinette. And well worth the walk down to Palais.

So in love with this particular set.

Abit too bitter for me and the coffee, albeit bitter, didnt feel like there's much punch and depth.

The chicken crepe was pretty good and it filled us both so quick! We shared and were so hungry. Surprised that by the end of it, we were quite stuffed already...

And the pork belly was quite good, I mean the fats and meat ratio was perfect. But the style it was done in, abit too salty... What a pity.

This place really is about the setting and ambience and furniture.

And amazingly, for the wonderful decor, I would gladly return for a nice afternoon tea time with girlfriends. cakes and tea and alot of time to chat away.

Pretty aint it?

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