Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mayy's Closet

I have put off blogging about this because I really liked it and wanted to do it some kind of justice.

Got this green dress from Hula & Co. a couple of years back but never got round to wearing it because I kept saving it for a good occasion. And Christmas family time and sis belated birthday dinner at Cut was the occasion finally. 

I completely love the colour and as an old friend put it, "the dress really shows off the curves well" something along that lines and also he did say something about showing off them babies. OMG. hahahaa rofl. 

The back was slightly elastic on the skirt bottom and had a slit so at least my back felt airy!

A more frontal shot that I took after dinner. Its a little tight on the bottom but ah well, gotta embrace what my mama gave. Paired it with my Aldo pumps and a stack of wood and white bangles. And my vintage Louis Vuitton clutch.

For a more conservative way of wearing it, I pulled it to an off-shoulder look and so when I bend over to retrieve anything or get food, no one is able to stare down the decolletage.

Now is this not the dress to begin the summer holidays with? I suppose it is. And so far, i've worn it one other time when I met two friends at Aquanova for their one-year anniversary bash. Lets just say the night was really good, or an unmitigated disaster depending on how u look at it. But suffice to say, thats the LAST time Im wearing this dress.

Dont get me wrong I love it. But some things are meant to just be in your life for that amount of time.
So thank you for serving me well you beautiful green thing, I will miss you xo

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