Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gourmet Barbecue - neighbours night

So this rainy weather in Singapore today reminds me of a similar one we had a few Saturdays back. The rain just won't stop! Its endless, endless, endless.

Anyway the rain that day thankfully stopped in time for our gourmet barbecue night with our neighbours over at their place. So grateful.

Our table settings for the night. Spy the selection of alcohol to go with the different courses we have.

Grilled/barbecued peppers which were super sweet and refreshing.

The chef for the night with all the meat I have specially brought back from Perth. Woke up at 6am to head down to the butcher's, Torre at Northbridge to queue for over an hour to get my order. Then checked in with the rest of my baggage and lugged it in an 8kg box back.

One of the dinner guests prepared this for entrees - stuffed mushrooms with blue cheese and mince.

Babyback pork ribs marinated in two ways.

Grilled prawns.

Grilled squid. So good.

One of the sirloin steaks. I dont eat that but apparently so tender and just melt in your mouth.

Personal chef service at the table.

My favourite part of the night: the lamb rack which came properly frenched. 

Cooked to perfection.

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