Tuesday, February 5, 2013

mayyn meal - Penny University

Decided to meet up with some of my JC classmates and was abit too early, or if anyone was late. Anyway we met at Penny University along East Coast. Took me a while to find it since the front does not have an obvious signage. But once you have been there, it is unmissable. 

It was much much smaller than expected inside and still the seats were pretty much filled up. People also kept coming in as time ticked past.

The bakery side of the counter where their cupcakes sell out before 11am, or on that Sunday I was there by 10am. It was such a shame because everyone was telling me good things about it!

I had a cheese toastie and the price was really good for a brunch item. It is simple and something easily achieved at home though. I love vegemite (I have morphed into an Aussie it would seem) and I felt the vegemite on this toastie was too sparse.

Friends had this Turkish egg which is poached eggs with yogurt and chilli oil. Does not sound good but apparently tasted yum. I will let you know when I finally dained to try that.

Service is pretty slow but otherwise friendly. I had the cold espresso with milk which was not bad. Its like a morning whiskey for me. The chinkchink of ice in a short glass.

Just so you dont miss it, that's the outside look.

I will return one day if I am early enough for those cupcakes and in the area. Other than that, I suppose there are plenty of other cafes around for me to try out.

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