Monday, February 4, 2013

mayyn meal - Saveur

One of the hot new places on everyone's lips this time I am back so what choice do I have but to go check it out right? I went back twice to try all that I wanted so this post consisted for both trips.

Saveur (pronounced sah-vere)

Located on Purvis Street and next to P5, a really cool furniture place.

On the first time, we got there early (before noon) and already had a queue going on.

It took up two separate seating areas.

Their signature pasta with sakura shrimps and Japanese minced pork. It sure looks pretty. Taste was a bit better than average but for the price I sure aint complaining. 

Duck Confit was quite good. Duck was tender and reasonably seasoned. The mash was very creamy and buttery, which I liked. On the whole, it was yummy.

Sis had the beed ribs. She quite liked it. It was tender.

Cousin had the chicken rouilette? I find the portion abit too small. And the chicken abit under-cooked. Rice was abit cold and nothing to shout about for sure. So the poorest effort of the meal is this.

Had the Cookies and Cream for dessert. Sure looks very different.

But it really was like ice cream with popping candy. Other than looking different, taste was normal.

But for the price and the quality of food you get, Saveur is packed just about everyday. 
Lunch and dinner.

My second time back, I shared the pork belly with a friend. The beans tasted wayy better when the poached egg was mixed into it well. The pork belly was quite good with a reasonable amount of fats and meat proportion. 

And besides pork belly, we had the fish.

Fish was cooked very well, and breaks off quite smoothly. On the whole yummy.

That concludes my Saveur experience. The best value of all would be the foie gras, pasta, duck confit and fish in my opinion. I am impressed definitely with the price we pay and the quality of food we have. Thats Saveur's winning point I guess.

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