Monday, February 4, 2013

mayyn meal - arteastique

Had met Aiky for dinner after his work for a long overdue catch up. I have yet to blog about where we went for dinner but no matter, I will get to that. Just wanted to blog about our dessert experience at Arteastique, Mandarin Gallery.

The place was actually really quiet and all the way at the back of the gallery's top floor. It looked very pretty and the decor is lovely. It was my first time and I thought it was kind of like love at first sight.

Perfect if in the day and with a bunch of girlfriends. Found the tables abit too low though.

Had the whiskey hot chocolate which came looking so gorgeous with that wrapped up wafer sticks. Other than that, I am afraid it was abit bland in my opinion.

Aiky had the iced chocolate drink which is really the ultimate with all that chocolate ice cream too.
We both however didnt quite like it, found it again bland and not as rich as it looked.

Adam's cake set with the vanilla gelato and pear gelato. There was nothing to shout about and the cake looked much better on the menu. 

Frankly abit disappointed because of the initial loving of the place's decor. Just wished everything else were of the same standard. I doubt I would return, especially after another girlfriend went and said as much...

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