Thursday, February 7, 2013

mayyn meal - Kith Cafe

One of those do nothing days, and I met the only person I know who can really sit with me in silence and really just stare into space too. Decided on Kith Cafe @ Park Mall.

Like the outdoor setting and how even though it is in town, it feels so tranquil.

Green eggs for me with a side of avocado. I find the coffee average, better than Starbucks and all that but not all that thick and strong.

Love the basil undertone in my eggs though a tad oily. On the whole, this brunch was perfect for its healthiness and clean palate. I love it.

Jo's lunch special which consisted for salad, pasta and dory fish. What a big portion and definitely worth the price.

A simple cafe with no pretentious air that most cafes in town have. Prices were not extravagant, service was alright. But I am glad I tried it, gives me somewhere new to add to my list of where to go in town when I get too bored of the usual marmalade pantry and ps cafe and antoinettes.

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