Thursday, January 24, 2013

mayyn meal - Amuse

Valentine's Day 2012, last year was spent with a bunch of acquaintances at one of Perth's fine dining experiences, Amuse at East Perth. Each person had to shell out over AUD100, and the photos show what we had per person. I was in my pescaterian period so the chef had a separate menu for me.

In summary, the ladies preferred the guys' desserts and the guys preferred the ladies' desserts. I found the produce to be fresh and the taste experience to be unique. Service was quite good and I personally didn't quite like the server explaining our food before at a rapid fire pace. I mean come on, slow down there. I know you had to memorise all that.

Would I return? Unfortunately not, because well I have had better food elsewhere. But then again I have been spoilt by the culinary standards of Singapore and its international panel of chefs.

However, ambience is pretty special for a two-person kinda meal. Somewhere special to take someone special to on a special occasion.

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