Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mayy's Closet

So on a late Saturday evening, my family and I headed out to RWS for dinner. I will blog about whereabouts we went. But first, the OOTD, or OOTN...

I had to meet a couple of friends after dinner, so I had to dress for the dinner but still not overly dressed up. Turned out I was still overdressed...

I had a difficult time trying to pair the highwaisted black skinny pants (from a cool designer shop in Shihlin Night Market, Taipei) with the limited choices in the Singapore closet. I sure missed my Perth's walk-in. I am most definitely a spoilt kid.

Anyway, because I only had 15 minutes to pull it together, make-up had to be fuss-free...

And the sequin details of the corset (from Temt in Aussie) is nicely shown here. With an overlay mesh and satin sash to hold it all together.

The electric pink clutch (a gift from a junior and friend) was to break the monotony of my outfit.

And lastly my new trusty Samsung, over-taking the blackberry.

Anyway, the whole outfit was pulled together with my trusty Prada heels, a gold ring from Bangkok and gold earrings from Diva.

Ended up at Red Dot Dempsey after dinner and totally over-dressed for my friends. hahaha! But after all, didn't someone say it is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed?

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