Monday, November 5, 2012

M's Food Find #72

Last day of my time in Singapore for this trip. Here's to less than 2 months in Perth before coming back to Singapore for another xmas/ny/cny holiday. Ive known the past few times been different because I dont find myself particularly yearning to return as desperately. Perhaps there're other changes in the air, and in me. Nevertheless, I know that I have to return this time to just sort stuff out and myself out too.

Soooo here's a food find in Perth, a cuisine better done there than in Singapore. Vietnamese.

Found along Albany Highway in East Victoria Park, quite near the popular Toto's but not as busy....Which I think is a good thing because well, you enjoy the food better. At Toto's, its usually just scoffing down amidst the loud bustle and then out the door you go.

Ive been to this place a couple of times already and found it quite pleasant. and the service quite attentive.

the calamari is fresh and sweet. lightly battered which is good.

My dinner companions for this particular trip ordered both the soupy noodles featured here.

They found the food to be comparatively better over at Toto's but doesnt veer too far off. So this is a reasonable place to dine in in my opinion given the quieter atmosphere for a better catch up with friends.

I ordered the grilled pork and spring rolls vermicelli dish. Love it, HUGE portion though for me. Good for people with bigger appetites.

There is less variety here but the standard Vietnamese dishes can still be found. Give it a go or at least you can get your Vietnamese food craving satisfied if you dont want to wait around too long for Toto's.

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Have you been to both in the area? Which do you prefer? Phu Pho on Urbanspoon

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