Monday, November 19, 2012

M's Food Find #77

It was last year that I've been here and it was courtesy of the uni committee I was on. Free dinner.

at Pancho's Mexican Villa place in East Victoria Park along Albany Highway.

The place was playing Mexican music, the decor was loud and quite wood-y.

Margaritas to start us off...

The entrance... Its tuckeed away in a building so just look out for a white sign with red words.

We got like a little private room. The place looked small judging from the entrance. But the inside is huge.

Nachos with a special dip that was not very spicy.

The way I prefer Nachos!

Yummy and spicy!

I promise to never blog about the meals a year later. I cannot remember the names of the dishes.

But my experience at Pancho's was quite good from memory. The food was Mexican enough to satisfy my cravings... which I have been having past couple of weeks...

Maybe its time to revisit this place.
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