Monday, November 12, 2012

Bangkok - Food Part 1

I LOVE BANGKOK. I truly do. I go back every year and when I failed to do so last year, I felt so weird and made sure I had to return this year. And I did.

Sure feels like the year is better now. Never mind the shopping. I love the food and its so difficult for me to properly satisfy my Thai food cravings anywhere else in the world.

Even at the Platinum Mall foodcourt, the food is 100% craving-satisfactory.

I had been wanting this Pad Thai for a year now. And no matter where I ordered it in Perth or Singapore, I sure wasn't happy. But now I am. (till the next time)

Thai Style Orh luak, vastly different from Singapore and yummier in my opinion.

Tom Yum Soup, woah, this sweet spicy sour dish. It hits all the right notes.

And of course the mango sticky rice to end any meal. YUMS.

And I heard about the new chic place in town for this traditional Thai dish, a fresh take on it... at Mango Tango in the heart of Siam Square.

We had to queue for abit because the place is really small but soooooo popular! 

Ordered the set and a plum iced tea.

Looks pretty eh? Mango with the sticky rice and mango pudding and mango ice cream. truly mango-licious! looking and sounding, that is. Taste wise... I rather go have it at the foodcourt. the mango was bland, the sticky rice wayyyyy too small a portion, and i have had better pudding and ice cream. Even my mango yogurt that I ate in perth this afternoon tastes more like mangoes.

Maybe I will go back and try the other mango desserts they have on offer. But I wont count on this place to satisfy my Mango Sticky Rice craving.

After all the Thai food, sometimes I just want abit of variety. So I have Japanese food at Fuji Restaurant which is a chain and have it nearly everywhere. 

Otherwise, we scored a good find this trip for wanton mee and braised pork rice!!!

Just the alley next to the new mall Shibuya at Pratunam across Platinum. 

No idea what the Thai words say, but I see x2 so THAT's IT!

Quite packed for a non-descript place and air-conditioned too. Good thing because it was scorching!

We had both the soup and dry versions. cant say which is better. But I really like the mee and charsiew. The wantons were so-so. But yummy regardless!

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And the braised pork rice is a nice change from the Thai food but nothing too WOW. reasonably yummy though. Would I come back? YES.

Oh Bangkok, I miss you already.

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