Monday, November 12, 2012

M's Food Find #75

I may need to rethink the whole label-titles of the blog. I am finding it to be slightly irrelevant... ANYHOW, some cakes never did anybody harm. so this time I went back, I had quite a few. And on one occasion, I met Aiky for lunch before deciding we are having tea too...

So we did. At Tiong Bahru Bakery Raffles City. Its apparently one of the new things so I had to try it right?

The display didnt quite excite me but I chose the three that did stir the tummy.

Thats the chocolate mendiant. Good dark chocolate but found the whole thing slightly too hard. Maybe thats how its supposed to be but the cold hardness kinda didnt gel all that well together.

I love pandan, so I decided to try the pandan flan. But, it really didnt live up to that name. The pandan flavour was quite tame, and bland. Very egg-custardy though. So it didnt leave me much.

Aiky loves their chocolate croissant so we ordered one. Having had so many amazing croissants, this particular one fell flat. Was not puffy and buttery like it should be. It was flat and a bit tough. It had been out for awhile I guess. But really just ain't worth it.

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As you can probably surmised that I am not a big fan thus far, it would be safe to say that I won't be returning anytime soon. But apparently the original branch at Tiong Bahru is better so I may give it a go there? And perhaps try their croissants again when I see it fresh out of the ovens?

Have you been? How was your experience like?

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