Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mayy's Closet

Wore this out on my Friday night out with friends. Apparently one said I look like a giant Angpow, I will take that. it is CNY, and its just auspicious!

Kept this dress for awhile before deciding to wear it for CNY this year. 
Love the spiderwebby design across my shoulders.

Also love the fact that this dress gives me boobs. Seriously, so good!

Met up with Mel the birthday girl for a quick one before she dashed off to her gathering. I didn't wear my grey Zara suede heels out because I needed a bit more comfort for all the walking I had to do so a pair of milktea-coloured wedges did the job.

With XH and a few of her friends for the night. Relatively chill, nothing major which was good because I was reeling from my AusDay party.

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