Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mayy's Closet - CNY Day 3

This year, CNY had a long weekend for us to celebrate so whee! 3 days of fun! 

I spent the morning doing my donut bun which took a while since the last time I had it done, a hairdresser did it for me and she made it look so darn easy! Anyway, turned out well and I used the largest size too. When I was buying it, the sales assistant had the audacity to tell me she had longer hair and still couldn't use it and asked if I should buy a smaller one if it was for myself. I just told her I am getting it and I wished I could tell her and show her that it was probably her lack of skill, not hair. SHEESH.

Rant over, this is my third morning's outfit since we were going out for lunch after family came to visit my place. Wanted to work the Zara floral skirt my mum picked out for me in the Philippines since I could not go on that trip with them. Borrowed sis Balenciaga clutch for the photo.

Wore my purple Ally peplum top and accessories gold/bronze. I was deciding between the purple top or the seafoam green top, would have preferred the latter but left it in Perth since I had to rely on my memory of the skirt in Singapore and work with that. Sometimes, what a chore having wardrobes in different cities.

Used my Forever New fan clutch actually. I would rather have the Lulu Guinness one but I guess I would have to save for that one down the years.

Mum and I at the restaurant, yes she's still gorgeous after all those years. I sincerely hope I have her genes even though I have my paternal side's body structure.

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