Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mayy's Closet - CNY Day 2

Day 2 of CNY is usually my favourite day because i get to eat my eldest aunt's cooking! She does the best CNY meal, whether it was her steamboat or just her noodles and curry.

With CNY, it feels like my sole duty is to get dolled up! I hardly do put in much effort so once in awhile like this is fine. Did my hair into a side updo for this day so I can eat in peace.

Borrowing Mum's Lady Dior bag for my photo.

Structured dress from Lucy years ago but I have kept it till now to wear it. It gave me a lot of room to stuff my face with food later. 

Just to prove how tall my cousin is or how short I am... until I wear my heels. Pretty much she was the only one left who was taller than me.

Loving this look!

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