Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mayy's old Closet

Drudged up a couple of old old dresses (havent worn in years!) for this CNY because I was running out of colourful dresses and I really didn't want to wear repeat outfits for 15 days.

Managed to get tickets for the musical My Fair Lady which opened on 11 Feb. Managed to spot Zoe Tay at the musical, she looked fab and youthful. always have been my favourite Singaporean star.

Wearing this dress always makes me feel like a walking Chinese painting...

With mama for the musical, nice of her to come with me! I love love love this musical and if you are in Singapore, try and catch it. Definitely my fave! SO GOOD! What a killer cast with great voices

Also wore this olivegreen gold maxidress for dinner with the family on the the last 2 nights of my trip back. Wearing this always makes me feel like some sort of royalty and put me in such a glamorous mood.

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