Tuesday, February 18, 2014

mayyn meal - The Tuck Shop in Paya Lebar, Singapore

wanted to find somewhere nice and quiet to chill with my bff Jol before running her errand in Ubi, so I tracked down a cafe in Paya Lebar industrial area at 178 Paya Lebar. It definitely looked like an office building with no notice anywhere about the cafe. We thought we were lost, until we took the lift up to level 7.

even then, we were feeling unsure until we walked right to the end bits and saw the non-descript cafe.

it was so quiet! but such a big space to showcase their furniture.

I guess since there's a church nearby, that helps their weekend crowds?

Jol ordered the tuna Caesar Salad which was mediocre?

I ordered the German Pork Schnitzel which was pretty terrible.

I don't understand how they need 2 chefs and the 2 waitstaff they have basically stood behind the counter chatting and giggling. No service whatsoever and in Singapore, their prices arent necessarily the cheapest thing around either. 

What a total fail. However on instagram, a friend who's been there tells me their Truffle Mash (not on the menu) is good. But then, its hard to go wrong when there's truffle oil involved right? Event heir local dishes like chicken rice costs 10bucks! Like erm, office people could walk to other canteens around and get it for like 3bucks?

Thank goodness they sell overpriced furniture right?

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