Wednesday, October 3, 2012

M's Food Find #67

Heyyyyyyy y'all. Yes I've been dead... but here I am now. and to celebrate that, some food. A place quite popularized in Singapore.

This post is on TWG at Marina Bay Sands, a dinner I had with my mother and sister on a random night.

I quite like the little elevated island in the middle of the malls. It would be nice on a quiet afternoon alone or spending with a girlfriend for a nice quiet chat.

I obviously love TWG teas. The fragrance and range are amazing. And I can never quite decide. I have spent quite alot of time there during my summer of 2011, alone to read a book or just sketch or write or with friends. But mostly in ION Orchard's outlet across Harry Winston. So often that the staff knows me hahaha. I just wish it werent so damn crowded.

We had the lasagna which was quite ordinary. The food here havent really impressed me thus far.

I have had their tea tier as well. Good jam but the rest werent that fabulous. Macaron flavours also are quite light, could be stronger.

Their sorbets however, are amazing. So light and full of flavour. Especially good on a typical hot humid day in Singapore. This is the raspberry tea infused one. I have had the ginger one before too.

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Now the last photo looks super yummy but the dish was not served warm as it should be. The fish was also unfortunately not fresh. Cold fish just makes it kinda worse.

On another separate visit to TWG, we had ordered a green garden salad which came beautifully light and amazing fresh sweet beans. That was good.

So for my future visits to the beautiful ornately decorated teahouse, I would have my tea, maybe a salad. People watch and sketch in my book and tune out the chatter. Quiet times are tough to find in a bustling city like Singapore.

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