Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mayy's Closet #90

I just got instagram (@mayyb) and Ive been obesessively posting photos and hashtagging them. My friends alternate between "stop spamming us" and "stop making us hungry". Shrugs. Then I got hooked on looking through the beautiful fashion photos or style photos that ladies take of themselves or by someone else. They look amazing and I marvel at their efforts. Truly there are no ugly people in this world, only lazy ones. I am slightly blessed but I know I can be lazy. No trace of makeup if I can help it and definitely a dress if I can get away with it. I live for a slightly more casual, beach/surf vibe most of the days. But I also know when I get to dress up, I go all out. Unfortunately, I also on the daily basis try to skim by with the minimal of efforts.

And here's one of those days.

The Bardot dress was bought at a steal and so were the Forever New sunnies and envelope clutch.

I love that scalloped edged, cutout clutch in that vintage rose colour. I have since sold it because well to be honest, I think I have two others in different colours.

The sunnies were something different and never fails to hide my eyebags and add a pop of colour and glameowness to my outfit.

I wore that particular outfit with my satin coral ballet pumps from Novo and felt like abit feminine.

This dress is simple no doubt. But the sleeves were baggy enough to let the arms breathe and cool the summer alittle, or add warmth during autumn. Whichever. Its a dress that goes with every season and I must be grateful for that.

I love the cut-in hems at the side and just give it that little bit of sexiness to an otherwise ordinary little black dress.

I like the lace details and cinched stretch waist as it lends abit of oomph to an otherwise less endowed area.

Like most of my clothes, it is something for the day, something for the night, something through the seasons. Like I said, I am lazy. But then again, shortcuts can sometimes come in so many lovely ways no?

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