Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shoestopper #57

Ahhhh, now that I have started again. How can I not get to writing about shoes at all! I certainly did not yesterday but I shall make up for it today. With a pair that has a special memory.

I bought this pair of leather block wedges from Wittner's last year. I completely love the nude classic colour and the simple wood grained design.

The round toe front makes my feet looks daintier and tinier. I dont have big feet but its just so sweet and ladylike to have seemingly cute slim feet no?

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Now why is this pair so special to me? Well, I got it during the great summer sale so it really was such a good buy for great quality that Wittner's are known for. But the real reason was I finally wore it this year for my graduation ceremony. The ceremony was held on the grass, so stiletto heels really wasnt going to make it easy for me. And I love to be in heels so this pair was it. It was insanely high, and just makes it easier to walk on grass as well. However what I didn't count on was the stiff back. I ended up with bloody ankle blisters which were pretty bad but nothing could mar my night! I walked with intense pain the whole night and blood. But everyone still remarked to me how I managed to walk in such high heels all night and look as though I am wearing flats. Well, my feet has always been arched and feels right at home with heels.

No pain No gain? right?

My weakness. What's yours?

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