Friday, October 5, 2012

Shoestopper #58

Speaking of the year 2011, my shopping buys were quite...extensive? Did it break the bank, no not quite. But it certainly had me stumped in 2012 when I looked at my bulging closet.

Anyway, another good buy of the year goes to this cute little pair of embellished flats from Kmart. It certainly served me well for a year through the different weathers. Jazzing up any old outfits I had on. I eventually let it go this year in April, somewhere along Europe.

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I love a little rock and roll in the daily life. Nothing too sugary sweet for me. And I more often than not, paired this with the green dress from the prior post. some eyeliner and a matching embellished black bag...

(I drift away to 2011's good memories)

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